January 21, 2019   Groomed areas will be the best bet for skiing.  Oil Creek has great tracks.  Laurel Ridge, Laurel Mountain, The Wilderness Lodge, Crystal Lake are grooming and have good skiing.    

Central to eastern counties had rain and the snow is icy on top. Moshannon State Forest has good skiing on the snowmobile trails.  The machines have ground the crust to powder and  there is a good classic surface to ski on. Probably not wide enough for skating in many areas. So if you are dealing with crust search out places where the snow machines have been running.  Midweek there is the possibility of rain and warmer temperatures. The snow will be soft for a time but then freeze up again after that. Maybe the weather will do something weird and there will be more snow than rain-wishful thinking. 

Quote of The Day "Hey it looks like and feels like winter out there. 7 F in Moshannon State Forest this afternoon. "







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