February 20, 2024 Snow cover is waning in Pennsylvania. Eastern PA is still holding snow cover but most other places are down to patch skiing in the shaded areas and north facing hillsides. More warmth and rain is on the way so another recharge of snow is needed. High Point in New Jersey is still open for the eastern PA skiers. 

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Quote of The Day "How about that Gus Schumacher winning the 10K World Cup Race in Minneapolis." 


January 29, 2024 POA Trail Moshannon State Forest Not a bad ski day.


January 24 Connecting Trail between Huckleberry Road and Huckleberry Trail Moshannon State Forest



January 22, 2024 Brush Hollow Cross-Country Ski Area Allegheny National Forest off Rt 948


January 18, 2024 Snowmobile Grooming Moshannon State Forest near Black Moshannon S.P.

Good for skiers too.


January 13, 2024 Rattlesnake Trail off Rt. 504 Moshannon State Forest


January 8, 2024 Moshannon State Forest Ridge Trail Great morning for a ski.



December 14, 2023 Rock Run Entrance Area Off Rt. 504 Moshannon State Forest

There was skiing here Monday-Thursday Dec. 11-14. These are the best of the tracks and rock skis (waxless) were needed.



























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