June 1, 2024 Roller ski season is here and also all the other favorite fitness activities that can be enjoyed in warm weather. Just about any activity will help one stay fit for cross-country skiing. So get out often and plan for your best ski season ahead. Take an inventory of waxes and other accessories and purchase them in the off season for the best deals. Only five months to possible snow in Pennsylvania, A new season will arrive quickly. 

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Quote of The Day "What would you rather do, mow grass or shovel snow?" 


January 29, 2024 POA Trail Moshannon State Forest Not a bad ski day.


January 24 Connecting Trail between Huckleberry Road and Huckleberry Trail Moshannon State Forest



January 22, 2024 Brush Hollow Cross-Country Ski Area Allegheny National Forest off Rt 948


January 18, 2024 Snowmobile Grooming Moshannon State Forest near Black Moshannon S.P.

Good for skiers too.






























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