September 1, 2022 The "R" months have arrived, September through April and it can snow somewhere in all eight of them.  Typically, the September snows are out west and happen at very high elevations. However, Pennsylvania can get snow October through April.  What this means is that another ski season is getting closer.  Looking forward to cross-country ski season 22-23. 

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Quote of The Day " Leaves are starting to fall and the nights are getting longer. Thinking cooling thoughts to bring on those first frosty days of autumn."  



March 13 Skiing near Kylertown, PA was very good. 


Nice skiing at Art Roscoe Feb. 7 2022


Jan. 31, 2022 Backcountry bliss in Moshannon State Forest


Jan 29, 2022  Excellent Conditions at Oil Creek State Park. Perfect place to ski classical.


Jan. 24 Skiing on the Moshannon State Forest roads has been quite good. Photo by E. Prince





















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