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XC Ski PA Winter 2015-16 Wrap-Up

Posted by Howard on July 1, 2016

Warm weather and low snowfall totals made the 2015-16 cross-country ski season in Pennsylvania a challenge.  Some areas of Central Pennsylvania almost set records for the lowest snow totals. Even the Lake Erie snows were off and the Laurel Highlands suffered too.  A few storms hit the southern tier counties of PA but the snow did not last long.  In short it was a challenge to get out and ski.  Timing was everything as the snow would come then melt.  One day in February at Oil Creek the morning ski was fine but by late afternoon the trails turned to slush.  That was the last of a three day of stretch of skiing for Oil Creek. Most ski centers experienced very short spurts of skiing followed by long warm ups.  Ski events were canceled all over the state.  Very few events survived the warm wea…

No Blog Out Skiing

Posted by Howard on January 21, 2016

No blogging out skiing.

Patiently Waiting for Snow

Posted by Howard on November 17, 2015

The 2015-16 cross-country ski season in Pennsylvania has arrived. Most folks in PA have not seen any snowflakes, however there has been a lot of prep work for the ski vendors and trail crews have been busy getting ready. All the real winter has been locked out west in the Rockies.  The upper midwestern states are about to get a shot of snow and when the snow cover maps are examined the snow line is creeping southward in Canada.  Eventually, the snow will get here but it still may take a while.  The pattern has been warm mid-weeks, cooler on weekends, then back to warmth mid-week.  The key is to have patience and to get all the gear ready so when the snow arrives you can enjoy it. Having a plan for those first snows helps maximize the experience. A Pennsylvania winter is unpredictable and s…

Time For Summer Activities

Posted by Howard on May 29, 2015

A collection of activities to stay in shape for cross-country skiing: Roller skiing, bicycling, canoeing, running, trail running, hiking, bounding with poles, kayaking, hiking, CAT skiing, yoga, stretching, pumping iron, flag football, soccer, rollerblading, roller skating, ice skating, jump rope, rock climbing, swim, summer biathlon, triathlon, decathlon, etc.  

Although the temperatures are frigid today, the daylight is increasing by several minutes per day and the sun angle in the sky is increasing.  Eventually, the sun is going to win out and soon we will be having spring skiing conditions. With the snow pack currently in place in Pennsylvania this could turn out to be the best spring skiing in years. So don’t put those skis away too early. Spring skiing offers warmer days, chirping birds, hooting owls, and opportunities to possibly skate over wide-open fields.  Melt freeze is not always a bad condition for cross-country skiers. In order to maximize the spring skiing experience here are some general principles to get the most out of the spring season.  Timing the ski outing is crucial. Klister wax is a great invention. Snowmobile trails can of…

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