The 2015-16 cross-country ski season in Pennsylvania has arrived. Most folks in PA have not seen any snowflakes, however there has been a lot of prep work for the ski vendors and trail crews have been busy getting ready. All the real winter has been locked out west in the Rockies.  The upper midwestern states are about to get a shot of snow and when the snow cover maps are examined the snow line is creeping southward in Canada.  Eventually, the snow will get here but it still may take a while.  The pattern has been warm mid-weeks, cooler on weekends, then back to warmth mid-week.  The key is to have patience and to get all the gear ready so when the snow arrives you can enjoy it. Having a plan for those first snows helps maximize the experience. A Pennsylvania winter is unpredictable and seems to be unique each year.  Unlike other seasons of the year, winter in PA has a personality disorder.  It can be frigid and snowless, warmer and snowy, slushy and sleety, you name it. It can also be literally all over the map with certain areas of the state with great conditions and other parts of the state with no snow at all.  So check back often for updates on where to ski.  For now get that gear ready, it might be 60 degrees today but snowing tomorrow. 


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