Read Beyond Birkie Fever by Walter Rhein and get excited for another season of cross-country skiing.  Cross-country skiing can change a person's life and this book is a thoughtful and humorous example of showing the reader how.  Walter Rhein takes the reader on a ski tour of his personal life and his experiences involving the American Birkebeiner, or Birkie for short, North America's largest cross-country ski marathon.  The book is part history lesson, part biography, and part cultural exchange. Skiers of every level will be able to relate to the narrative as the timeline of Rhein's cross-country ski life is revealed.  The book offers novice skiers a challenge to expand their ski skills and to try citizen racing.  It invites the advanced skier to reflect on his or her own personal ski history and compare it with the author's.  Rhein points out that cross-country skiing can change people physically, mentally, and culturally.  The influences of the sport go well beyond simple recreation and racing.  It literally can enhance the quality of a person's life. In Rhein's case it helped shape him personally and vocationally.  

This book is not a how to book.  It will not give racers competitive insights for winning the Birkie.  Consult with the Italian cross-country ski team to do that.   However, it will challenge the reader to be open to training hard, to try roller skiing, to enter citizen races, to experience a World Loppet event, or simply enjoy the thrill of cross-country skiing in a foreign country for the fun of it.  People who cross-country ski are some of the most interesting people on the planet.  Meeting some of the characters in Beyond Birkie Fever will inspire cross-country skiers to get out on a ski trail to experience their own adventures.  The book is available from Amazon.  This book is an excellent early season read, it will make you laugh, and it will inspire you to cross-country ski.  Enjoy.  HP




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