A year ago this week, I had the opportunity to visit places in Sweden and Norway.  I had very gracious hosts who took great care to be sure I had the full flavor of cross-country skiing in these two countries.  In Mansarp, Sweden the ski trails were all around the town.  Trails were denoted by colors.  I ran many of the paths through beautiful forests and along fields bursting with wildflowers.  I was fortunate to meet the man who kept the grooming equipment in his equipment shed.  He indicated that there were advantages to having the grooming start from your property.




Trail Near Mansarp Sweden

In Norway the first stop was at the famous Holmenkollen ski jump and museum.  The ski jump dominates the hilltop that overlooks Oslo.  From the ski jump there is a great view of the trail network for cross-country and biathlon events.  Many of the trails are paved and roller skiers were everywhere.  Some skiers were practice shooting at the targets in the stadium.  The museum under the ski jump was full of great ski information from ancient times up through the present.  Famous Norwegian skiers were featured and video screen showed incredible finishes from Olympic and World Cup events.  


View From the Top of the Ski Jump

From Oslo I traveled a circle north, west, south and back to Oslo.  I got to see snow in July in an area called Home of The Trolls.  Then we headed south to Morgedal.  This is the home of Sondre Norheim considered a pioneer in ski technique.  At the Norwegian Ski Museum in Morgedal, I watched a wonderful video about how modern skiing began.  It was a very moving experience to visit these places and I have great appreciation for the culture of skiing in Scandinavia. 

snow_pic1.jpgHome Of The Trolls


Statue of Sondre Norheim


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