Rockton Mountain Trails

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Ski Touring

32km of trails

High elevation with plenty of snow. Close to I-80. Parking at Greenwood Road off US 322. Variety of easy to advanced ski touring trails. Snows can be deep, going with a group recommended.

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Trails on the north side of Rt. 322  Coupler Run Loop, Tar Kiln Trail, Kelly Cellar Loop

Trails on the south side of Rt. 322  Horn Shanty Loop, Hemlock Loop, Panther Run Loop

This is a nice ski touring adventure trail system. Have food water and safety essentials along as help can be far away on this system.  Be prepared to share the parking lot with snowmobilers.  However, the ski trails are ski only.  It is easy to get away from the buzz of snow machines on a busy weekend.