Wycoff Natural Area

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Ski Touring

Part of the Quehanna Wild Area. Beautiful ski touring trails. Part of Elk State Forest. Go here for solitude. Proper safety gear and skiing with friends is recommended. Parking at Quehanna Highway and Wykoff Rd. intersection.

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The parking area near the junction of the Quehanna Highway and Wykoff Road offers access to the trails in the Wykoff Natural Area section of the wild area and to trails south of the Quehanna Highway. There is a toilet at this location. Several loops can be skied from here. A loop trip would be Wykoff Trail to Baily Log Trail to Old Hoover Road and back to the parking area or reverse. Another trip on the south side of the highway could be David Lewis Trail to the parking area on Reactor Road (shovel needed if parking here) then Red Run Trail, to Meeker Trail, then Dry Marsh to the Crawford Vista and return. The vista is a great view of the Mosquito Creek Valley. There are other trails in this area Crawford Vista Extension (travel up hill on this trail is recommended) and the East Cross-Connector Trail that can be used to create loop routes. Some short hills may require walking up or down depending on the skill level of the skier. Ski conservatively in the wild area as help is far away.