Find Snow For Cross-Country Skiing

Use the links to find snow and plan your next cross-country skiing trip. The maps and web cams may not give an accurate picture of the amount of snow or its condition. Calling the resort or agency where the trail is located is suggested to avoid a wasted trip. 

National Weather Service    Information and Alerts

National Snow Analyses Regional Maps 

Northern Hemisphere  Polar view and more.

Pennsylvania National Weather Service COOP

VENTUSKY. com  Weather Madness   Blog

Weather World from PSU PA Specific Forecasts M-F

Web Cams:

Crystal Lake, Laurel MountainLaurel Ridge, Penn DOT Cams, White Grass

Groomed Oil Creek.jpg

Here is where the snow typically falls in Pennsylvania. The northwestern corner near Lake Erie and Laurel Highlands usually get the most.  A large part of the Allegheny Plateau and Pocono Mountains is next, followed by the Ridge and Valley Region. 

Current Pennsylvania Snow Cover Map   Weather.US PA Snow Depth

PA Snow Depth Map from NOAA

 Where The Snow Falls In Pennsylvania